Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Challenge of Being in a new Town

I've been in Malahide for almost three months now. I like the apartment, I love the sea and the new job is great. I do find myself having a problem however, there's not really all that much to do.

I'm really enjoying the pottery class I started but it's coming to an end in a few weeks and there doesn't seem to be much else. Of course, what I need is a fencing club, but I'd be willing to try other things like that; if they were available.

Malahide has tennis, and not much else. I'm not into tennis and I never will be, so what am I to do. It's a major problem for me, as I work in a job that doesn't really have much of a social aspect and I'm allergic to bars. Ah, what I'd give for a Malahide fencing club. What I'd give.


  1. What about the Yacht Club, the sailing club, the cricket club, the rugby club, the football club, the photographic club, the diving club, the 3 bridge club, the sea scouts and there is more

  2. Hi, thanks for your reply.

    I probably didn't emphasize the "like fencing" part of my criteria enough. A lot of the clubs you've described are "learn them and leave them" hobbies.

    What I am looking for is something with that competitive element. That's why I only listed tennis as it's the only club that would have that kind of aspect to it.

    I might seem stupidly picky but there's nothing worse than turning up to something and pretending to be interested just for the social aspect. At least not for me.