Monday, February 8, 2010

By the Sea

It's been a long road, one which now takes me by the sea in Malahide. The walk home from work has become one along the beach, sometimes I find shells.

But anyway, I've been given another chance at it all and I'm starting here from scratch. I've cataloged my errors and I'm resolved to do better this time. I've got to work out how to control this mind of mine and exist within my own limits.

But seriousness aside, I joined a Gym and am doing an Art class and a pottery class. I'm trying to take things easy and slowly and so far I think it's going okay. Once I'm settled down a bit more I'll try to get back into writing. I've been reading a lot lately, just finished The Double by Dostoevsky. Before that it was the penultimate truth by PKD, was very good, if obviously a bit rushed.

The Double itself was such a powerful insight into madness, it was chilling. A powerful message that you need to look after your mind I think. The kind of book that you find yourself thinking about for a long time after.

I'm back to Atlas shrugged now, will finish that soon. I have to admit Ayn Rand is a bit conventional coming from Dostoevsky but I'm reading more for the "moral". It's like a bible or something, the capitalist bible.

But all in all, I have a good feeling about things. I'm going to be patient and happy for a while.

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