Saturday, September 19, 2009

Video, games and interlaced story telling.

There's some machinations processing in my mind at the moment. Cogs are turning, equations are resolving and I do feel like I am moving towards something. My life is a long line of ideas, concepts I've come up with but with such limited implementation.

I have so many fully formed ideas in my head but so few have ever made them into reality. Perhaps it is how, in a way, that they are already completed in some form that makes them so hard to work on. It's a difficult subject.

I am also guilty of being struck by a specific sensation and become obsessed with devising a method of its synthesis. A game, a story, a book but soon the sensation is gone and I am left only with this project. It's difficult going.

Of course I am still working on it and I am making some progress. I need to be patient, I need to learn the skills I need to make my ideas a reality. Like the Buddha apparantly said, "A jug fills drop by drop".

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