Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A new short story

Hello! I've set up a nicer word-press website to save myself the bother of building the thing myself. I've changed the short story link to point at it and you can also get to it here.

Well, I'm excited right now. Heading to Germany for the first time on Thursday, going to see my all time favorite group VNV Nation in a huge, sold-out venue. It's going to be terrifying but I can't wait. Hopefully the trip goes well and I'll start making my way out there for fencing competitions, I'm sure those guys could teach me a thing or two. Losing is a pain but we learn best when we are utterly crushed, right.

So, I'm buzzing from that. My website game thing made some progress too and I've written some articles on it on that respective blog. I'm up to three blogs now, (four if you count the Word Press) but what the hell. The logic is that I'm basically a freak for incorporating an interest in gaming, literature/philosophy and programming so why not break it up a bit to increase the chances of something clicking. It's not a big deal anyway, I find myself being able to write plenty to keep them ticking over with plenty of energy left over for my short stories and novels.

Alright so, big things ahead. One more thing, I made a little video, it's pretty stupid but I was so moved by the desperate writing in a particular recent video game that I made a video of myself deriding it. It might be a bit cringe-worthy to most but hell, give it a go if you dare: Me in front of the Camera.

Well, I can't say more without breaking the informational tone of this post so I shall cease!

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