Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Melora Creager - I salute you!

Ladies and gentlemen it's time for some more hero worship. Today it's Melora Creager. Now, I'm not her stalker, I don't know her life history or anything, she could be pure sunshine evil for all I know. I'll focus on what I do know about her and is the source of her title of awesome person.

Weapon of Choice - Melora is armed with the most advanced form of weaponry available from your local music shop, I speak of course of the Cello. This thing can lay waste to armies with its melodious dark tone. Some others have had the idea of using electric cellos but Melora has given it distinction, making it something unique by its own right.

This is backed up by one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard. I think they refer to it as a vibrato voice, unique and piercing. Some people don't like it when I make them listen to it but those people are philistines! If some kind of ancient and magical violin started talking, it would sound like Melora Creager. Ooh, book idea.

Armour - Melora adorns herself in authentic Victorian garb. Apparently it helps her get over her stage fright or something but it looks amazing. I haven't been lucky enough to see them live but they look like something out of a dream in their videos. They are a true musical anachronism, their look behind their time, their music ahead of it!

Creed - Melora sings about history. This leads to great songs about Rose Kennedy and Howard Hughes. She also has a habit of creating bat shit crazy interludes in her albums where different characters bicker or history plays out before you in stereo. Funny, educational and with Cello goodness Melora is a woman on a mission to amaze and obfuscate historical happenings with her own haze of entertaining confusion.

Ammunition - Melora has a lot of albums, some of which, I believe were produced by a certain Marylon Manson. Now, don't hold that against her, her stuff is original and well written. I've got ten of their albums here which includes their excellent live album, they've got a catalogue of epic proportions.

Special Move - Their special move, in my opinion, is an excellent version of the Pink Floyd classic "Wish you were here." Melora somehow managed to craft a cover that is in many ways superior to the original. It seems like a song that was always meant for the Cello as opposed to the guitar. I can't talk music so I won't try but I can just say that it hits a spot and does real justice to an amazing song.

Well, if that isn't enough to have her sent a pre-paid ticket to Valhalla then I don't know what is. Man, I'm sure those vikings would like her music after a long day of killing each other.

Anyway, even Vikings aside, Melora Creager has achieved so much and I really admire her and her music and hope to continue listening to her stuff for a long time into the future.

By the way her band is called Rasputina, you should check it out.


  1. Shortly after this post I ordered one of her signed posters from that website. Looking forward to sticking it up on my wall.

  2. The reason behind the extravagent costumes was that when playing cello, she can't move around much or dance across the stage. The costumes were in place of that. In all honesty, I enjoy watching her play. She really gets into it, and it's fun watchig her foot xD

  3. I think there's enough movement from her bow on the Cello. It's pretty frenetic.