Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Meanwhile - At Cregan Towers

I've been having a tiring day of excessive leisure. I've slept until 1am, drank my own weight in delicious coffee and listened to my favorite music while vegetating. It's been good. I'm so relaxed I might try to get some writing done now, if I can just be bothered.

It's okay to be self reliant, it's okay to not need others for a good time. I'm a misanthrope and it's time I accepted that about myself. I'm a misanthrope on a phisological and philosophical level. The reasons are quite clear in my head but here is the one that I'm focusing on at the moment.

Nothing is Real: Your average person believes things or has things they hold to be true beyond their own ability to defend it. The moment where an argument ends in "I don't know why it's true but it is." In reality, something is only as true as our ability to make it true in that instance of time, people don't seem to be able to accept this. If you fail to convince me of something, it is not true until at which time I become convinced of it. And while I do accept that it is not necessarily false either, that itself does not mean it is true either.

Anyway, that's it in the nutshell. By extension of course, anything can be true and true knowledge does not exist beyond our own ability to manufacture it. Now, you can disagree with that, and that's fine, but until you can convince me otherwise I believe it to be true.

If I can believe in something, it might as well exist, if I can reach inside of myself and find those principals I hold over everything else and believe that they are right, they are. If I believe, they are real. See? There is no universal right or wrong, but I can create instances of them myself.

How does that tie into the human race at large? I will fight them on everything they hold to be true, it is my nature, I will challenge their perceptions for both our well being because stronger truth arises from conflict. Most people don't enjoy that, and it isn't worth partaking with a large number of people who do not even have any of their own truths but partake of somebody elses. I am not speaking out against something, if there's something I learned during my time on this planet is that being angry at something doesn't change it. People are the way they are, and so am I. It's time to accept this and move on.

So my goal now is to create my truth, develop it, sharpen it and then, through my work; unleash it on the world.

If I can just be bothered...

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