Sunday, June 14, 2009

Taking things up a notch

I'm an idea man. I get lots of mad ideas all the time.

I'm also a writing dude, I love writing and can hammer out words like nobodies business.

There is one thing that prevents these two things combining properly and it's the fact that I'm generally incredibly bad at organisation. When I have an Idea I usually can't write because of work or whatever and when I'm in a writing mood I sometimes can't think of anything to write. So, as an evolution of the "email myself an idea" program. The organisational matrix, mark 1.

A sample.

So, it's a way of keeping track of the ideas I've come up with and the current status of competion. Cool eh?

In other news I've submitted two short stories to two seperate magazines. (Tried a bit of science fiction, was lots of fun.)

I am definately finding trying out a few different genres has helped invigorate my writing. However, the trick is now weaning myself off the immediate satisfaction of short storydom and back onto the plodding but ultimately more meaningful journey to novelandia.

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