Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The George Carlin Dilemma

Okay, it's not really a dilemma but I wanted to hook it into my previous post.

Now, who is George Carlin? He's an American comedian of Irish descent who has done something that fills me with awe. You see, George Carlin used to be a sellout. He used to be this guy who went on stage and was desperate for people to love him. He had irishesque scruffy beard and he pranced about the stage in an extremely embarressing manner for everybody involved.

Of course, people did love him. He was very popular, massively popular even. But then something happened. Something touched this guys soul and he said to himself. "What the hell am I doing?"

And then, a miracle. He bought his soul back from the Devil he had sold it to in the first place and still somehow made a profit. (Convoluted metaphore, but you follow, right?) He went from, "kind of amusing" to "funny guy who hates everything."

Case study, 1977 performance I was watching yesterday. George was making jokes about cans and supermarkets. About dogs farting. He was pleased with himself, somehow.

Then, watched 2008 performance. (Filmed not too long before he died I guess. Miss you George.)

He kicked ass. Okay, so he stole a lot of the "spirit" of this performance from Bill Hicks. It's okay though, he didn't steal any jokes. (Only Denis Leary is sufficantly talentless, boring and stupid to try and steal from the master.)

Anyway, I'll make a post about Bill another time, but George was making jokes about how much kids annoy him and how humanity sucks and it was very funny. His humour finally had a soul, age brought meaning to the work he had spent his life developing. And I thought that was beautiful.

George was inspiration for us all, proof that age doesen't matter as long as you can buy your soul back from the Devil at a competitive rate.

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