Monday, November 7, 2016

Mind Journeys and Age of Wonders 3

Well, I have been on a journey my friends. A journey to the centre of my mind and such wonders that I have to share with you. Or I would have if they were shareable.

Thing about this great internal odysseys is that they are intensely personal but I'll find a way to share them, probably. That's what my writing has always been, looking back, I just didn't even understand what I was trying to share at the time!

Anyway, enough of all that bollocks. I need to talk about games because it's happened, I've finally got into another one and what's more I think I'm actually enjoying this one, it's called Age of Wonders 3.

So, why is it good. Well, you build guys like, elves, elves on horses. BEETLE RIDERS, all that sort of shit. BUT, that's not the fun part.

You see, first time I played this a couple of years ago I thought the fun was to be had on the little tactical battles where you move your little dudes into their little dudes one by one. After a few hours of playing over the weekend however something clicked.

Cos there's a thing called auto combat in this game. Not, auto-resolve, auto-combat. You can basically get the AI to play for you and can intervene at any time. Cue me, laying back on my couch watching my carefully or not so carefully composed forces unleash hell upon the enemy.

And it feels good, you build a tonne of archers and then you get to watch your little commander lead them into battle. Not really concerned if you lose the lot. Then you start building better units, elementals, giants, dragons.

And it FEELS badass! It feels like a fantasy epic playing out in front of me and if I like I can intervene but most of the time I don't have to. I can focus on the army positioning and economy, all the bollocks. I think this is the first time that I've ever really been able to choose how involved the game needed me to be and it really is a testament to the AI and unit balancing that it actually feels so good.

I'll cover some mental healthy stuff here in time but in the mean time it's just great to be able to escape to the fantasy world of Age of Wonders 3 and chill out. Also, I hate pirates now but love dark stalkers.

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