Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Cyclists - Get off the footpaths

So, I've returned to my pleasant walk to work. Very glad to see the back of the Luas and the improvement in weather lately has been an extremely welcome change.

I do have an issue with these cyclists however. Now, not all of them, the vast majority of cyclists are upstanding citizens. They travel at reasonable speeds and only encroach on the footpath when its necessary for them and when they do they either walk their bike or go at a very slow pace. I have no beef with them.

Every so often though, I encounter the other type of cyclist. Often, even as other bikes fill the road these cyclists will decide that they are in some way special and that they belong on the footpath with me and my fellow pedestrians. Sometimes they even presume to urge me to get out of their way.

Well, first of all I will not get out of your way. Secondly, get off the footpath. Get off the footpath now, all of you.

I really wish I could scream at these people and I do wonder if a polite way exists to nudge them towards correct road usage. I did see a man explain to an errant cyclist how in this country bicycles belong on the road, such restraint, such maturity, such, well, condescension.

Which is really what it all comes down to, relying on people knowing better. If they're on the footpath when they clearly don't need to be you are probably dealing with a criminal, somebody who doesn't care for ANY rules of our society.

In summation, would it be wrong to kick them off their bikes? The answer is yes but much like a cyclist who uses a footpath, I want to do it anyway.

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