Saturday, February 2, 2013

What to Write about Now?!

Hey, so I like writing and hey, I'm alright at it too right?  The question really is what to do with that, I mean, I like learning about tech and writing software and I make money from that right?  How do I harness my power with the written word into hard cold cash in a similar fashion.

Or is that something I really need to do.  Originally that was my goal, the dual income ideal.  Write software during the day, words during the evening and cash two checks.  When I wasn't doing either of those two things I'd be clashing steel on the continent fulfilling my destiny as the code wordsmith el bastardo del Irlandia.

But the core of any successful plan is the ability to adapt.  After all I never even got to run somebody through with a sword, maybe never getting a book published is one of the lesser regrets.  Legality and the free market aside what really is important?  Maybe that I'm happy with my blatantly awesome apartment or that I'm going regularly to the gym.  The fact that I'm eating properly and finding the time to cook awesome food.

Hey, maybe I'm doing alright.

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