Sunday, January 8, 2012

Following the Flow of the Amazon

When I put my book up on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing it was very much a last ditch effort, it represented my giving up on finding a publisher permanently. Putting it on kindle was in many ways simply a way of preserving it, so that it wouldn't fade away and at least be available somewhere as I moved onto other things. As the months went by without selling a single unit I was never really surprised, why would anybody buy it? The important thing was that it was there.

Selling one, or seven, but most importantly, one, made a difference. More than I would have expected. It's a sensation, I feel, completely tied with the knowledge that I've made a cent from my writing. Now, I have generated money from my blogs through advertising though it was never anything over a couple of Euro. That's different, that's somebody randomly happening across my blog (usually as a side effect of one of the images I use showing up in their google search) and clicking on an ad. When I sold a book on the kindle that was somebody browsing to my book, clicking add to cart and buying it. They were interested in my product, enough to throw three dollars down for the mere privilege of buying it. I take so much energy from that thought, especially as it's possible to preview the book on Amazon and read the first few chapters so it certainly wasn't a blind purchase.

They liked the first few chapters enough to be willing to pay to read on, that's amazing. To those who have either downloaded my book for free or, even more encouragingly, paid for it, I offer my sincere thanks. If you have any feedback at all you can leave a comment here or email me directly, I'd love to hear from you.

Of course, I mainly just hope that you felt the book was worth whatever effort or money you put into acquiring it. If there is ever enough interest to secure a sequel I'd love to write it.

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