Monday, September 28, 2009

And... We're back...

I come back from Berlin with a head full of new ideas, it really was such a worthwhile experience. The architecture, the people and even the space I found myself having there all contributed to some really valuable introspection and inspiration. Inspiration was even directly offered by the statue of Demeter in the Pergamon museum and the gendarmenmarkt square together matched my imagination when I created the so-called "Government Square" in my current novel. It was a beautiful experience beholding them.

I got to use a bit of German too, which was great. I took the policy of opening every encounter in German and only falling into English when I had to. I found myself getting further and further. Though, doubtless still not very far. I definately have much more confidence now, and a lot more tolerance for my own mistakes, so I'm really glad I made the effort.

The city itself was so interesting, from the laid back drivers to the psychotic cyclists it was definately another world entirely from Dublin. The size is the most striking thing about it, apparantly it is eight times the size of Paris so even among large cities it's huge. From the air it was a city built within a forest so it definately seemed very environmentaly friendly.

I probably did not find it as strange as I expected to. In many ways I found it more like home than London was. The experience of just hanging around in a cafe drinking beer and enjoying the architecture was something new to me. I found it very enriching. Of course it did help that the concert I went there to see (VNV Nation) was the greatest thing I have ever attended in my life.

I have so many theories and feelings about Berlin, it is definately a city that has seen so much in its time that it really has a life of its own. I hope I'll make it back over there (perhaps for some fencing) some time soon.

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