Saturday, August 22, 2009

Uploading some stories

I came up with the idea of uploading a few of my short stories to my blog.
But why not go one step further? Update on this coming up soon.

Also, I've decided to open up the topic of this blog. We all know how the writing thing is going by now. New novel is trotting along nicely and I can't seem to pull myself away from the endeavor of writing as many science fiction short stories as is humanly possible. Anything too short for possible publication I'll stick online later.

Anyway, the other project that's taken up my brain time lately is the top secret project: kriegsland.

I've had the link to this on the side of this blog for a while now but I'd like to talk a bit about it. Kriegsland has been something that has been growing in my head for a while now. So far the only material that has been produced the logo and basic php website but I have a lot more planned.

Ultimately, one day, it will be an online war game. For now it's just a concept. Still, if you like the concept or whatever why not drop me a line and help me bring the kriegsland to life.

Otherwise, stay tuned for this and more.

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