Monday, May 11, 2009

It's Easier than Art

Well, here I am again. I had a few ideas for what to write about today but I think I'd be doing myself a dis-service if I purposely avoided the pertinent issue of the day. Criticism.

This was all brought to a head by my decision to try out a a writing course. Couldn't hurt I thought, do a bit of homework, get pushed out of my comfort zone, try a few new things. Of course everyone I mentioned the idea to had the same response. "I hope you can handle criticism."

And I wondered if I could. I mean, everyone I've shown my book to liked it. But they were all relations, friends. What if a real life, human, stranger, showed a dislike for it. Would I be able to take it? There seems to be some doubt in those around me, and it's contagious.

And from those seeds of doubt eventualy come the big questions. Among them, the ultimate motivation killer, "Am I any good." I ask myself this in a moment of weakness. And for that moment I am without an answer. I feel a pit in my stomach, and I just feel like giving up. I wanted to put down that proverbial pen and embrace a life of consumerism.

Sad eh? But if all that's true why have I just finished printing off my entire manuscript (trees, your sacrifice will not be in vain) and another batch of publishing packs for sending out. It doesen't seem to add up.

Well, here's the thing. I love writing, and I'm my own biggest fan. If I'm not the best, I don't want to BE the best. I'll keep writing, learning and sending letters until I make it. Not because I want to win awards or have people kiss my ass but because I really want to share my stuff with the world, and I won't stop until I'm done. So there.

That kind of sounds like sentimental muck, but it's the truth. I'm looking forward to those writing lessons. Oh, and I'd like to welcome my first follower, the ever lovely but slightly crazy Cbel. (How does she keep finding me?) Hope you enjoy the blog!


  1. Great blog and great to have you in class Eoghan! Looking forward to reading your work and hearing more of your thoughts. All best, Heidi

  2. It is nice to be here, Eoghan.
    (The answer is the secret.)
    Just go on writing.